the rocky horror picture show

"So much fun it's Barely Legal!"

San Jose
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What 2 Wear

People often ask: What should I wear to Rocky Horror?

We always say the same thing: wear whatever you want!

One of the great things about Rocky Horror is that everyone is welcome. People of all ages, ethnicities, walks-of-life and genders can come join the fun.
With such a diverse group, we're bound to see people wearing an array of astounding ensembles.
Come dressed up to let your freak flag fly, or dressed down in your favorite pair o' jeans.
Wear whatever you want; this party is for everybody.

Still Don't Know what to Wear? Here is some ideas

Come dressed as Frank, Columbia, Riff Raff or your favorite Rocky Horror character. We love it when people dress up in Rocky garb.
Put together a costume and who knows, we may even pull you on stage to show it off!

Your costume doesn't have to be from Rocky Horror - you can wear whatever costume you like.
Come dressed as your favorite character from a movie, TV show, anime, video game or anything else.
Get creative and have fun with it!

Well, do make sure it doesn't stink

Got a personal style of dressing?
Goth, Renaissance, zombie, whatever? Then dress that way to Rocky Horror.
You can wear pretty much anything you want, but you do need to wear something.

It is a public venue, after all.