the rocky horror picture show

"So much fun it's Barely Legal!"

About Barely Legal

Live cast Barely Legal originally formed in 1995 to perform at the magnificent UC Theatre in Berkeley, California. The group consisted of dedicated people who wanted to continue the legacy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show after long-time cast Indecent Exposure hung up their fishnets. Many things have changed over the years, but Barely Legal has continued to provide a sleek, sexy and exciting show for Rocky Horror fans in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Barely Legal enjoyed a successful run in Berkeley, but by 1999 the cast began hosting its weekly Rocky Horror Party at the Parkway Cinema in Oakland. The show built up a strong following and ran for more than a decade, but in 2009 a poor economy forced the popular theatre to close its doors forever. Although they only had two week's notice, the cast put on a farewell performance to a sold out house - and regrettably had to turn as many people away. Those who mourned the loss of Rocky Horror in the Bay Area were told not to worry; Barely Legal would be back in action soon.

It's always difficult when the theatre that is your "home" closes down. Not to be deterred, Barely Legal decided to do something a little different and take their show on the road. Over the next few months, the cast brought The Rocky Horror Picture Show to a variety of new venues including San Francisco, El Cerrito, St. Helena, San Jose, Oakland, Petaluma and various other locations. Now people from all over northern California were being introduced to the fun, excitement and insanity of Rocky Horror.

Over the years Barely Legal has proudly sponsored props-building, dance and performing arts workshops; participated in community events such as the annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade; and was even honored with an official commendation from the City of Berkeley. The cast is now a part of Shadowplay Productions (SP), a group that is dedicated to providing teens and young adults a safe outlet for creativity while teaching professional and social skills such as team building, performing and theatre arts to its volunteers. As a member of the SP family, Barely Legal also hosts live events and parties with music, dancing, games, contests and lots of surprises.

Currently, Barely Legal performs on the second Saturday of every month at the Albany Twin Cinema. The cast can also be seen at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma and other northern California venues on occasion.
Barely Legal puts on a sleek, sexy show complete with a preshow warm-up, thrilling routines by the BL Crowd Pleasers, a screen-accurate performance, full set of stage props and lights, and of course tons of audience partici ... pation! Come join Barely Legal for some fun, laughs and excitement - and do the Time Warp again!